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Lot 111 - An exceptional saddle with stirrups

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dating: 18th Century provenance: Mongolia, Wooden structure, composed of four pieces joined by leather bands, raw seat, leather covering almost completely missing. Front and back parts covered with hexagonal plaques of the horse teeth, with brass frame. Iron borders, richly engraved, gilded and silvered with animals and floral motifs; rings for iron laces, engraved and on gilded and engraved mounts. Parts missing and defects. Complete with iron stirrups, lateral bands chiselled with a dragon and with brass, geometrical decorations, leather part of the bridle, with iron plaques, decorated with silver-inlaid engravings. Saddle-pad of carpet type, embroidered with polychrome floral motifs. Finally, a leather whip with wooden handle. Very scarce. length 51 cm.

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