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Lot 890 - A Viscontea type cavalry half armour - dating: About 1630 - provenance: Italy, [...]

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A Viscontea type cavalry half armour
dating: About 1630
provenance: Italy, Viscontea type helmet, with skull in one piece, small restore at the peak and holes in the central back part, probably for an applicable parade mount, brass, engraved plume-holder.

Chanfrin with raisable brim, with hemmed, twisted border, ribbed ventail with wide eye-slots, divided by a central stave, right part with a pierced ventilation rosette, beaver with a stave to hold the visor high and two hooks for the visor and skull latch.
Front and back neckguard plate.

All the surface decorated with white and golden bands (so as all the other armour parts).
Lateral, flower-shaped rosettes. Original, linen lining inside, with borders decorated with red velvet and gilded thread. Gorget with plate and front and back plates. File-roped upper border.

Breast-plate ribbed in the center, with neck-line, file-roped gussets, sloping and file-roped in the center, right part with two, big screws to host the rest. Back-plate en suite, with a restore in the lower right part.

Complete brassards and seven-plated tassets, decorated on the borders en suite with the helmet in velvet and gilded thread, tassets fastenings and belt in velvet and gilded thread but of the modern restoration. height 88 cm.

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