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Lot 364 - A rare sallet from the Kuppelmayr collection - dating: Late 15th Century - [...]

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A rare sallet from the Kuppelmayr collection
dating: Late 15th Century
provenance: Germany, Hammered skull in one piece, featuring a large and short comb at the top, with outlined borders and base; engraved with flowers at the base, then ribbed along the long tail; three grooves at the front, on each side; air holes decorated with carved, flower-shaped rivets (one of eight is missing), a row of rivets for the scabbard in the middle. Fringed border, a visible mark of Nuremberg at the tip, on the back. Raisable visor with wide eye-slot, protruding at the center and ribbed, carved and engraved on the sides with waves (en suite with the crest), held by flower-shaped rivets; the lateral border carved with a tip, the lower border en suite with the skull. A button-lock with inner spring on the right side.
provenance: Max Kuppelmayr Collection. A private collection in England. Illustrated in 'Sammlung Kuppelmayr' and described together with the complete armor N° 2, provided with the picture of the stamp. 'Eurpaische Helme', Muller Kunter, pag. 96 picture 66/67. 'Waffen und Rustungen', P. Martin, pag. 188, nr. 154. A similar sample, kept in the Bayerischen Nationalmuseum (see Martin) also shows flower-shaped rivets. Max Kuppelmayr, the manufacturer, started to produce his wonderful collection around 1845 and, at the time of his death in 1888, it was one of the most important collection of European antique arms in the world. His son, Rudolph Kuppelmayr, decided to catalogue the collection in an outstanding volume which was presented to the public in January 1895.
The 24th of June 1919 the collection was sold at auction by the Hugo Helbing Gallery in Munich. dimensions 40.4 x 21 x 21.7 cm.

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