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A full man at arms armor
dating: last quarter of the 16th Century
provenance: Germany
Fine helmet with truncated brim, skull hammered in one piece featuring a crest with twisted border at the center and provided with breaths at the back. Sight ribbed at the center, with cusps and rectangular eye-slots featuring highly relieved, lower border.
On each side is a row of breaths provided with joint button-lock. Ribbed ventail with lowered edges and breaths. Sight and ventail with rectangular holes featuring a circle at the center on the right side and simple, round holes on the other.
Ventail with joint button.

Ribbed beaver; nape-guard and neck-guard with two blades. Remains of old padding inside the helmet. Gorget with two-blade, hinged plates; the neckline with roped border and decorated with notches. Ribbed chest, decorated with gleanings; pauldron small-plates and neckline with thick, twisted ropes; two-blade backpiece.
Rivets with remains of brass covering at the back plate. Six-and seven-blade tassets.
Complete brassards; ribbed crossbelts and provided with rope, elbow-pieces with twisted ropes, knuckle shield with six-blade back, missing fingers.
Provided with complete legs and shoes.
Very interesting, composite armor, with fine helmet, with great visual impact. Iron rivets.
dimensions: height 175 cm.

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