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Lot 614 - A complete maximilian armour - dating: First half of the 16th Century - provenance: [...]

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A complete maximilian armour
dating: First half of the 16th Century
provenance: Nuremberg, Helmet with skull in one piece, with three, small, twisted combs, decorated with typical, outlined grooves.
Ribbed visor, provided with eye-slots and ventilation holes, the same outlines continue. Smooth beaver, with chiselled button for visor opening. Another button on the skull for beaver opening / closure. Twisted and interlocking lower border.

Deep twig-mark under the plume-holder.Gorget with smooth neck-plate, with twisted border and two, finely grooved, front and back, plates. Breast-plate with neck-line and riveted gussets, with strongly raised and twisted border, smooth upper part, with Nuremberg mark, round, grooved waist part with decoration that follows on the three loin-guards and five-plated tassets.

Back-plate carved and stamped en suite, one smooth plate divides the back-plate from three, grooved nape-guard plates. Brassards complete with pauldron, provided with vertical neck-collar plates and four, lower plates, arm upper cannons, elbow-piece and cannons of vambrace.
Complete with knuckle-shields.

Leg protection complete with cuissards and knee-cop with grooved wing, smooth greave of two, closed plates, sabatons composed of nine, grooved plates. Beautiful armour with uniform decorations. height cm.

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