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Lot 366 - An elegant samurai armour - dating: Edo Period (1615-1868) - - provenance: Japan[...]

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An elegant samurai armour
dating: Edo Period (1615-1868)

provenance: Japan
Kabuto with Hachi featuring fourteen blades, relieved at the border. Decorated with thick studs. At the top featuring brass tehen-no-kanamono with three rings, two of them decorated with petals. Wide fukigaeshi partially covered with leather, featuring remains of lacquered paintings; one of the two plates with brass decoration depicting a Mon, the other one is missing. Mabizashi decorated en suite with fukigaeshi. Kuwagata-dai with a pierced decoration. Menpo with remains of dark lacquer at the outside, and red lacquer at the inside (missing nose). Big, gilt yodare-kake. Do with iron blades lacquered in red (small missing parts at the lacquer), tied sugake-odoshi. Breast complete with Gyoyo with gilt, metallic Mon. Kusazuri with iron blades, featuring orange laces and gilt finishing. Big, gilt sode decorated en suite and featuring a band with remains of lacquered decorations. Kote complete with iron mail and dark and gilt, lacquered plaques. Haidate with lacquered plaques (small damages and missing parts). Suneate with remains of gilt finishing. Together with a gusoku-bitsu.A beautiful armour with matching parts, for a high rank warrior. Deserving a proper restoration.
dimensions: height come esposta 136 cm.

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